Author & BeSeres

I’m Os, I’m a 33 y/o guy from Mexico, I work at a bank and my hobby is drawing, acting and reading newspapers. I came across the Idea of creating “beseres” since I was in high school. Drawing makes me be more sensitive to other people’s work, so I started drawing but I needed ideas of poses. When you draw a comic, you have a bunch of different poses, so I started drwing comics in 2010 maybe. Of course some of them are better forgotten, but some others are here in this website.

The creatures I draw are called “BeSeres”, but they don’t call themselves like that. They are asexual creatures with a toony desing, living maybe in another planet or dimention. They have pretty simple adventures, but in the final comic (TSH1) they go in a war.

One of my dream was to have a website for my creations, and here it is. My host provider is @xnm13 in twitter, if you want to contact him. And here a photo of mine, don’t be scared!

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