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Let me share how I usually draw. I own a Windows tablet with stylus (Surface go 2) and sometimes I connect a Wacom on it and a FHD monitor.

I use Clip Studio Paint; it has everything I need. I attach the icon on the task bar to directly access to it, instead of having to open “Clip Studio” interface. It’s a boomer the Clip Studio thing, sound interesting the synchronisation of files, the gallery and the news, but using it is a waste of time and don’t worth the time.

But before open a .clip file and draw, I use to write the things I want or have to draw. For it, I use OneNote a lot, since several years ago. I open a page for every idea, and paste there sketches, notes, etc. Or if the idea is small, I concentrate the images necesary to make them reality in a single page. I try to don’t make a single page because I just accumulate a bunch of it and it’s difficult to manage.

With Clip Studio Paint I can put two images together to sample the colors and use as a reference, but its difficult when you have several references. It’s more simple puting OneNote in one side and Clip Studio Paint in the other. In OneNote I can pinch to zoom, or move into several images without losing the zoom. With a photo viewer for windows, every time you swich between images, shows them complete. Another advantage is that mentally I know where the images are, i. e. I did some commissions of one fursona in several styles, the reference of the fursona is in the left, the images I download to know the style are in the right. With a photo viewer, it sort the images according to the name file, so I have to give many clics to find what I want.

Using Onenote like that makes possible to use another tablet synchronized to the same account, and use it like a wireless external monitor for seeing referencies.

I could save te .clip file in the same OneNote thing and sometimes I do it, but only if I will need it later, if not, I put the name on my notes, and put the file in a folder without further order. I really don’t like to deal with folders again because it is sorted by name. I wish they could be sorted in a two dimmensional space, like I put my files in a corner, to the left, or to the right, and stay there, but not, it is only posible in OneNote.

I take all these troubles because I have a full time job that takes at least 45 hours of my week, also I have a lot of distractions… so I need something to write down my ideas, draw them a little, and keept them for later. A simple file in a folder is not enough for me, I tend to forget the files forever.

It seems that I think OneNote is perfect, but is not. I wish OneNote had a page with links to every page and bloc, it’s tecnically possible because I make my own index, but I wish it was automatically created. Another drawback with using OneNote instead of folders is that the mayority of websites doesn’t accept images from the clipboard, Twitter and facebook accept them but not all web sites, like WorldPress. I storage images on OneNote but every time I want to post them, I have to download them first.

About the traditional thing, ink: I found a bloc for technical drawing, It absorbs the ink and is not too costly. I sketch with a hard mechanical pencil “2H”, and ink with styluses from 0.2 to 1.0, and a paintbrush with its own ink inside it. I don’t know if it has an specific name, but the brand is Pentel.

For sketching I use pencils from HB to 6B and a gum eraser. I use first the HB pencil, then I go straigth with the 6B to fill the darkest parts, then 4B, 2B. This way I don’t need to erase the HB drawing from the beggining, and sometimes I make a simple background to hide the first lines made with HB, and many times I don’t need to use the eraser at all.

That’s everything for today. Any comment you can write me in twitter @besrescomics. Good Bye.

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