Tiaco thinks books are good but updatables.

Tiaco: “Time to sleep. You’ll stay in my room, I’ll stay here.”
Ainé: “Oh, you’re being nice to make me relax my report. I’m a very professional person.”
Tiaco: “I don’t care. This will happen anyway. They’ll keep looking for excuses to fire me. They don’t like my style.”
Ainé: “It’s your fault for not doing the right thing following the handbook.”
Tiaco: “Hey! Don’t confuse doing good with following instructions. I agree on writing a book for those with less capacity, but the reality changes and the books don’t. It makes them old and questionable.”
Ainé: “Take it easy! It’s just a handbook and a job. Is the food always so bad?”
Tiaco: “Almost all the time. Nyl spends all day making it edible, so eat it.”
Ainé: “I pity you, eating this, in a hostile place, with feelings of persecution, and no one to talk to.”
Tiaco: “Thanks! But you don’t have to pity me. I like silence, and the food is a matter of getting used to it.”
Ainé “Our bellies are talking.”

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