Ainé will have an adventure but she don’t think so.


Frame 1

Ainé: We work in a boring property registry office, they want to spy to make their job more interesting. Why is my mom here? they already fire her.

At least I don’t lie to myself and accept that everything is boring.

Frame 2

Atisun: we will send a person incognito to act like a client. This way we’ll have evidence to indict Tiaco, the suspicious employee.

Frame 3

Grud: And you will be the incognito person.
Ainé: Why me?

Frame 4

Atisun: Because you haven’t wanted to assist to company’s events. Tiaco doesn’t know you.
Grud: Come on, daughter. I taught you not to avoid challenges.

Frame 5

Ainé: Oh, right. I’ll do it.

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