The end of this comic. But I will continue publishing drawing about this comic and BeSeres in general, wait for it!

Panel 1
Aine: Now you hate me for doing this to you.
Tiaco: It’s not your fault. After all, I was corrupt.
Panel 2
Ainé: What?!
Panel 3
Tiaco: When I reached the forest, I saw that its inhabitants were superstitious, and it would be easy. Angered by sending me so far, I wanted to get even with someone.
Panel 4
Tiaco: But I learned to respect their beliefs. In a hostile and unexpected environment, madness would be to let nature act without even trying to placate her. I decided to help them with their properties and no longer would fight among themselves. But the rules that the city send don’t make sense there, so I modified them.
Panel 5
Tiaco: So you’re the one who must forgive me.
Panel 6
Ainé: The opinion I have of you has not changed anything.
Tiaco: I would like you show me more places, another restaurant … I have free time!
Ainé: Sure!
Panel 7
Tiaco: Just one thing before.
Panel 8
Tiaco: Fuck you!

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