The second last page of my comic. The end is near (of this comic, hehe). Tiaco gets fired.

Panel 1
Judge: We are here to give Tiaco a disciplinary hearing.

Panel 2
Judge: He is suspected of corruption and diverting the processes.

Panel 3
Ainé: According to my research Tiaco is not corrupt but he diverts processes. I go for just an administrative penalty.

Panel 4
Judge: I will take into account your research but not your vote because I see lack of objectivity. I see you have affinity with the defendant. You like him.
Ainé: What do you know?
Judge: I was not appointed judge for being handsome, but because I can see past looks.

Panel 5
Tiaco: That’s true?
Ainé: Yes, but thanks to that you’re in trouble. I understand if you hate me.

Panel 6
I’ve heard enough. Yo’re fired!

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