The origin of the conduct of Ainé, looking for friends, is her progenitor (Grud)


Panel 1
Grud: Tomorrow will be a great day. It is the reason of all this.

Panel 2
Grud: I hope you remain objetive. You take too well with Tiaco.

Panel 3
Grud: It’s clear what he wants but I don’t know what you want. Who taught you to be that way?
Ainé: You taught me. I want what you have.

Panel 4
Grud: But I never told you to please people, or try to empathize.
Ainé: There was no need. I see what you and Beft have. You love each other even without sharing blood.

Panel 5
Grud: My love for you isn’t enough?
Ainé: Your progenitor’s love is unconditional. Always going to be there and I appreciate it. You loved me since I was an egg!
Grud: You was such a beautiful egg!
Ainé: Now I want to be loved for who I am. I sympathized with several people, but I liked Tiaco for who he is. I confess that was a surprise for me too.
Panel 6
Grud: And now, you gonna date him?
Ainé: You should not worry. He didn’t like me. Maybe is because he has been alone too much time. Or maybe I’m a boring person…
Panel 7
No, no. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.

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