Tiaco is a bit tired of Ainé.


Panel 1
Grud: Sorry, Tiaco. I had not contemplated your visit and there is no more food. Below you’ll find a hotel.

Panel 2
Ainé: Lets go to the hotel! It has an all-knight restaurant.

Panel 3
Grud: Wait for me!
Beft: Grud?

Panel 4
Beft: Was a good idea to come here, it’s funnier.
Ainé: Excuse me, I need to go to the restroom. Nobody comes?

Panel 5
Tiaco: I will hmn…
Grud: No. Nobody. Goodbye.

Panel 6
Grud: I know you are looking for my daughter to soften her report.
Tiaco: Actually she’s looking for me, I got a bit tired.

Panel 8
Tiaco: As I said, I have to go.

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