The presence of just one ingredient is awful but it’s good the combination of all.


Panel 2
Tiaco: Do you want breakfast?
Ainé: Do not expect me to eat that again.
Tiaco: Today is a religious holiday; everybody comes together.
Ainé: What does that means?

Panel 3
Tiaco: Good food.

Panel 4
Ainé: I hope it is worth it, I’m hot!
Tiaco: You will see.

Panel 5
Tiaco: They all cultivate something different. Only by working together do they achieve the best recipes.

Panel 7
Ainé: I have to go now or I will not be on time to give my report.
Tiaco: I’ll take you. Anyway, I’ll be there too, I’m the defendant!

Panel 9
Tiaco: Hold on tight!

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