The end of this comic… by now.

Enjoy and stay tooned for more comics.

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Frame 1:

Átisun: I understand. And, the business goes well?
Grud: No. The people of this city don’t like the Jaga tea.

Frame 2:
Átisun: I will taste it. This is how habits begin.

Frame 3:
Ainé: Cookies?

Frame 4:
Grud: I have an idea! Take my daughter Aine. She’ll be a good employee.

Frame 5:
Atisun: I don’t know… will she be good?
Grud: Of course! She doesn’t talk too much but I taught her to read and count and stuff

Frame 6:
Grud: She can use my password to the system and you solve that problem.
Atisun: I hate manipulate the system. Oh, right.

Frame 7:
Grud: Aine, be obedient to the mister.


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