Inside beSeres’s world, the restroom it’s a theme that I have think much. Making other world is a change of context that naturally changes all the aspects. Therefore, choose asexuals semianimal characters with physiologic function like the real ones, the restroom cannot be like the real one for the occidental world: private and isolated, but it’s like the restrooms of The Romans: gather the people without isolating.

Another aspect of excrement it’s what to do with it? We have the actual and occidental model, that is not my favorite one because while you keep clean a small space, it’s thanks to pollute big areas, adding clean water to move excrement, contamination due to high amount of that single thing. Another solution are the latrines, which the poo are confined, but still polluting at leaking to groundwater.

Now I introduce a model for beSeres 1)Hole for put the excrement, 2) Place for a container on rails, 3) The container are in a floor down the people for direct deposit.



Regarding rainwater and liquid waste, I don’t see the need for tubing. The water will flow on streets flooding it. Here are flooded streets near to buildings many time at year.

See you in another post thinking the world of beSeres.


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