Due the need of remake everything because we are doing an entire new world, there’s the design of the things. By efficiency, we will concentrate in the interesting points and everything else will be filled of conventionalisms. The point of the design is interesting and due to the particulars principles, is possible get a new design.

The principles are to make references only to approved things. Nowadays the objects’ design is not in function of themselves but in fabrication viability. Even more, there are objects fabricated without need and then this is created. And the objects design are oriented to this. Looking for originality, and because in this world of beSeres are not an industrial context, the purpose is the design oriented to functionally only.

The principles on beSeres are:
1.- The polymorphism, the people are different each other.
2.- Design oriented to purpose, the motivation of element’s disposition in a certain order are oriented by their function.
3.-Logical selection of material, due their properties and disponibility on place, and the material nature are shown.
4.-Fundamentation of simplicity, there are only general objects and not the most specialized, there are design with less parts.

With polymorphism, the things goes to have more general forms without ergonomy, and things like tools and buildings tend to be bigger.

Can be designs from reality which have the described principles, those designs can be used.

An example of all this are the plastic objects, those have not this approbation because emulate other materials and minimize their characteristics, making it insincere with their nature of plasticity, and thus it can’t have forms and aspect of other thing, like molding.

Once identified the valid beings, the design will be oriented to them. A clear example are the buildings, by their use or by itself where the use is adapted to the buildings. In the beSeres’ design is not selected one of both of these models, just is asked to follow one of them. An example of this is a colonial building that is used to different thing over time.


Those kind of buildings we will not find on beSeres because the principle of originality. This building follows the scheme where the building itself and the use given is adequate to it, and can contain shops.

In the other hand, a building developed by the function will have this aspect. An example is a blast furnace where a beSeres community works and lives there (because is common live in the work) have an appearance like this:


There the rooms and workshops use the heat emanate and the sun from above.

Those principles seem like restrictions but they are guide for the development because this comes from zero.

In other post will be other aspects of this comic beSeres. I’ve decided publish a comic entry three weeks and in the fourth a post of blog. This will give me more time to finish Ofinistico and begin TSH1 chapter one, for publish the first page and a link with the entire chapter for reader that don’t want to wait.


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