Those simple characters that I’ve been designing I named “beSeres”, like “b-side beings” because in spanish ‘seres’ is ‘beings’, with that upcase is like a web nick name, it isn’t very used (fortunately, was available). It haven’t other meaning.

The beSeres are polymorphs, there’s many forms, unlike the reality that even with the variations, everybody in not so different of another. The being of beSeres isn’t defined in their context, is a term outside of it. The beSeres can be defined like zoomorphic persons. Even inspired from real animals, can’t be the direct representation of a real animal because them aren’t in this world. Just formally I don’t refer directly to a real animal, because the design of new characters will become slower.

The representation of real people in animal form is done in movies, and amateur on-line it have a fandom and is called Furry. Due the reality is not represented here, beSeres isn’t Furry but visually isn’t very different. Due I had the interest on Furry, I create an extra profile -called Victor Squirrel- and liberate to beSeres of the reality.

For designing the context, I use an excercise that is find the fundamentation to things arbitrarily chosen. First we have the design of characters, and then justify it. Their design is toony, animal-like, genderless, big eyes and head. After, the fundamentation is that them are zoomorphic persons and appear in the nature like animals, but they talk. And even we can say the sex is obviated for comfort, is not that way because is not like in other stories where the genitals aren’t drawn but represent one human gender with other resources, is actually genderless, asexual, neuter persons: the way of reproduction is through eggs that put and are fecunded for other person or by the same.

The beSeres are possible on the nature, there is not robotic creatures, of synthetic material, or of pure energy, but the fantasy comes when is possible the body changing to more powerful ones that will help them to win a war.

These creatures are designed close to animals but having human conducts, with culture, religion and art.

As you can see these creatures don’t have clothes or shoes, it’s the normal but is not impossible that they wear some by some meaning like uniform or religious reasons, that’s because without sex there is not reason for the clothes –with gender there is?, but that’s an exploration for my furry account–, and without a standard body like the real one there is no possibility for a clothing industry, remaining only the more meaning clothes.


This is Grud, with his office clothing, a cloth that works as uniform.

The personality of them is varied and can evocate the real personalities thanks to the being that we assume in reality is easy identify our way of be, but like an desired stetic effect, we have the infinite way of being of the beSeres that’s because their have very variety of forms and occupations.

In the Way of Be, we will explore the personalities, the genius, the imbecility, the submission, and several ways of be that maybe haven’t been represented by the ideal of individualism.

Unlike Digimon (and Pokemon I think) there is not several individuals with the same form, everyone have their own form of the body -a challenge for creativity -, but them can be very similar, especially mother and daughter.

Now we have an brief description of the characters of beSeres. Next topics will be the design, the architecture, and the associated logic, and some parenthesis of other topics.

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