Hello fellas, is Osvaldo Gomez (Os) and I invite you to see my work of comics called “beSeres” created for express myself, in an amateur way.


I had the idea of make characters, easy to draw like this called Sherymon:


And doing characters, I had the interest of do comics because it needs to do many drawings, more interesting that just taking the character and draw it from everywhere. Due the form of the characters, they should have their world, I’ve think how it would be, an important theme for me.


Make histories is fun because it analyzes and experiments with situation lived in reality, even with the challenge in beSeres that these characters aren’t of this world, but it can be done too with the characteristics of their own world, wich will being published too.


I’ve published under this concept several comics with certain history, those are “A wine”, “Sen·Yor et Yonder” and “hotel” (not available in english, find it in beseres.blogspot.mx) these have been explorations of how do comics with simple histories but all of them under in this world of beSeres, which maybe it didn’t make sense because didn’t treat the background, because it it does, it would not be the background.


Now in March, 2015, I’ve buy host and domain for the own site of these comics: http://beseres.com and I’m keep going on the practice with simple histories like the last one: “Oficinistico” (that is an neology of relative to office), once finished I’ll continue to the most important history on my head: “TSH1” that will have 8 chapters and where Sherymon (the guy from above) is the protagonist. Wait for it.

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